Monday, 30 July 2018

Trash Terrain: Papier Mache Bunkers & Buildings

Ever diligent, the doorstaff at The Bunker nightclub frisk the clientele to ensure that they're carrying enough weapons and ammo before granting them entry...
In my never-ending quest to make terrain for next to nothing, I stumbled across a post from back in 2015 on the rather nice blog of a chap called Roebeast that was a step-by-step guide to using plastic packaging of various kinds as moulds for papier mache buildings.

The look of the thing felt right for Far Corfe and the process didn't seem too daunting, so I decided that I'd have a go and try to make a bunker using the same method. I ordered myself some Art Mache, which is basically powdered paper with glue already added, and set to following Roebeast's instructions.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Far Corfe: Widdershins's Corpse Junkies - Gangers in the Mist

Havers, Eyeball and Dobbin try to look tough whilst ignoring the aggravating songs about summer floating around in the background...
It's been a while since I posted, and while I have a lot of stuff on the boil on the hobby side of things, the fact that I've had the flu (which now seems to have turned into full-blown Sinusitis) for the past two weeks has put a drag on what I've been able to get done. But as I'm practically bursting to get something out there, I decided to cobble a post together from whatever scrag-ends that I could scrape out of my camera's memory card.

And if you're after rejects, off-cuts and the scum that just couldn't make it in the bigger-time crews that strut around the ruins of Far Corfe, then you couldn't do better than looking up Widdershins's Corpse Junkies.

Trash Terrain: Modular Compound Walls

A local grandee, flanked by hired bodyguards, watches from the gateway of his private compound as a PDF patrol sweeps the streets in a sho...