Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Far Corfe: Bully Boy - Abhuman Mercenary Muscle

Bully Boy - dislikes include jokes about bullshit, horns and massive choppers...
I keep meaning to put more effort into photographing my output, but it's so much easier to sit down and paint or model terrain that I have a massive backlog of stuff that's never seen the light of day online and in this blog.

Guess who's back.
Bully Boy here's a prime example of that - a plastic Warhammer Quest Minotaur that I got it into my head would make a great subject for a conversion after seeing similar efforts made with Trolls, as well as the old and rather obscure Rogue Trader Minotaurs that were released back when 40K was basically WHFB with guns stuck on.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Far Corfe: Tinribs Clau - Freelance Heavy & All-Round Hardcase

Tinribs Clau - willing to do very nasty things at a very reasonable price.
I'm still fairly new to the ever expanding world of small, independent and often one-man-band sculptors that are out there on the internet, and they seem to run the gamut from bloody awful right up to sheer brilliance, and James Sheriff of Brass Monkey Games certainly falls into the latter category in my humble opinion.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Far Corfe: Widdershins's Corpse Junkies - Improved Mugshots

Messing with Widdeshins's crew or chewing on a brick - both good ways to lose some teeth...
I've dropped a couple of posts with bad shots of Widdershins's Corpse Junkies in the past, but I actually managed to snap some half-decent ones last night, including some of the newer gang members recently completed and added to the crew as well, and so I decided to do another post to catch up on how the gang's developing.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Far Corfe: Howling Eddie - Gun for Hire, Hair for Hire

Howling Eddie: he's got a big chopper...
Just a quick one today, something to tide me over until I have a more expansive post to make and better pictures to share. But until then, here's Howling Eddie, a minor conversion based on the Orlock gang leader from the original edition of Necromunda.

I was loathe to sell off all of the Orlocks that had been languishing in storage for so long, and so a number of them have already seen conversions of this kind, basically head-swaps and small cosmetic additions in order to free them of the now rather generic look of the old-school gang.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Magna: The Underhive in South Yorkshire?

I was wandering around the Magna Science and Adventure Centre during the school holidays, just one of the many things that we'd scheduled to keep our feral children entertained until the blissful arrival of the new academic year, when I was inspired to take out the digital camera and snap off some shots after thinking how much the interior of the massive place reminded me of what I reckon sections of the Necromundan Underhive might well look like.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Trash Terrain: Papier Mache Bunkers & Buildings

Ever diligent, the doorstaff at The Bunker nightclub frisk the clientele to ensure that they're carrying enough weapons and ammo before granting them entry...
In my never-ending quest to make terrain for next to nothing, I stumbled across a post from back in 2015 on the rather nice blog of a chap called Roebeast that was a step-by-step guide to using plastic packaging of various kinds as moulds for papier mache buildings.

The look of the thing felt right for Far Corfe and the process didn't seem too daunting, so I decided that I'd have a go and try to make a bunker using the same method. I ordered myself some Art Mache, which is basically powdered paper with glue already added, and set to following Roebeast's instructions.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Far Corfe: Widdershins's Corpse Junkies - Gangers in the Mist

Havers, Eyeball and Dobbin try to look tough whilst ignoring the aggravating songs about summer floating around in the background...
It's been a while since I posted, and while I have a lot of stuff on the boil on the hobby side of things, the fact that I've had the flu (which now seems to have turned into full-blown Sinusitis) for the past two weeks has put a drag on what I've been able to get done. But as I'm practically bursting to get something out there, I decided to cobble a post together from whatever scrag-ends that I could scrape out of my camera's memory card.

And if you're after rejects, off-cuts and the scum that just couldn't make it in the bigger-time crews that strut around the ruins of Far Corfe, then you couldn't do better than looking up Widdershins's Corpse Junkies.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Trash Terrain: Tin Foil Craters

An Archeotech Prospecting Expedition sponsored by the local Tech Guild inadvertently strays into the territory of Boss Sass and the Saggy Bottom Boys and conflict ensues.
For a while now I've been experimenting with basing different things on old CDs and using the foil casings for things like buns, tarts and pies to make craters of varying sizes, and as I think it's been fairly successful in making small pieces of terrain, I thought I'd share a short tutorial for anyone that's interesting in having a go for themselves.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Far Corfe: EXTERMINATE!!! - Charity Shop Daleks

Gangers of the Widdershin's Corpse Junkies crew are given the unique opportunity to view each others skeletons moments before death...
I get a lot more pleasure from rummaging around in charity shops for things to add to my gaming collection than I think I ever possibly could if I had vast amounts of cash and spent some of it on buying the latest thing that GW have crapped out. I suppose it's a combination of loving seeing something brought back from the brink and knowing that if it doesn't quite come off, I haven't wasted good money on a white elephant.

Recently I was sheltering from the rain in just such a place on a freezing day, and happened upon a small pack of what looked like plastic Daleks, just about the right size to work with 28mm scale minis. They were only priced at a quid, so they seemed just too good of a find to ignore.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Trash Terrain: The Mining Contraption

Flanked by his hastily hired bodyguards, Merrick Mass-Driver negotiates the sale of the mining contraption to a less than convinced local Forgemaster.
I kept on seeing one post after another online where someone had chanced upon something in a charity shop or pound store, then retreated with said discovery to their hobby lair and proceeded to transform it into something that was frankly amazing; and so I decided to keep my eyes open for a chance to do the same.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Far Corfe: Spellcrow Privvy

Lenny the Looter legs it with the last toilet roll, moments before the gangers charging for the use of the convenience realise the enormity of his crime...
Spellcrow are one of those pretty new companies that have sprung up on the continent recently and are already producing a range of minis with a character all of their own, both in terms of sci-fi and fantasy, well worth a look.

Recently they ran a Facebook competition to win one of a limited number of resin privys, asking those entering to post something amusing in relation to outhouses in order to win, and as always, I rose to the occasion, calling on a lifetime's experience of toilet humor.

Far Corfe: Bully Boy - Abhuman Mercenary Muscle

Bully Boy - dislikes include jokes about bullshit, horns and massive choppers... I keep meaning to put more effort into photographing m...