Friday, 25 May 2018

Far Corfe: EXTERMINATE!!! - Charity Shop Daleks

Gangers of the Widdershin's Corpse Junkies crew are given the unique opportunity to view each others skeletons moments before death...
I get a lot more pleasure from rummaging around in charity shops for things to add to my gaming collection than I think I ever possibly could if I had vast amounts of cash and spent some of it on buying the latest thing that GW have crapped out. I suppose it's a combination of loving seeing something brought back from the brink and knowing that if it doesn't quite come off, I haven't wasted good money on a white elephant.

Recently I was sheltering from the rain in just such a place on a freezing day, and happened upon a small pack of what looked like plastic Daleks, just about the right size to work with 28mm scale minis. They were only priced at a quid, so they seemed just too good of a find to ignore.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Trash Terrain: The Mining Contraption

Flanked by his hastily hired bodyguards, Merrick Mass-Driver negotiates the sale of the mining contraption to a less than convinced local Forgemaster.
I kept on seeing one post after another online where someone had chanced upon something in a charity shop or pound store, then retreated with said discovery to their hobby lair and proceeded to transform it into something that was frankly amazing; and so I decided to keep my eyes open for a chance to do the same.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Far Corfe: Spellcrow Privvy

Lenny the Looter legs it with the last toilet roll, moments before the gangers charging for the use of the convenience realise the enormity of his crime...
Spellcrow are one of those pretty new companies that have sprung up on the continent recently and are already producing a range of minis with a character all of their own, both in terms of sci-fi and fantasy, well worth a look.

Recently they ran a Facebook competition to win one of a limited number of resin privys, asking those entering to post something amusing in relation to outhouses in order to win, and as always, I rose to the occasion, calling on a lifetime's experience of toilet humor.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Far Corfe: Guy Ubiquitous a.k.a "The Fat Biker"

Guy Ubiquitous - for the record, has never been approached to host a cookery program of any kind...
While I love the gangs of Necromunda and the flavour of 40K in general, one of the things its always been lacking in is the ability to fill in the gaps between the massed armies of the 41st Millenium and the cut-throat clans of the Underhive.

The original Rogue Trader featured smaller and more ragtag forces, often little more than glorified entourages and barely organised rabbles, where the background and characters were as important as what they were actually fighting over.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Far Corfe: Rubber Ronny the Sewage Solutions Specialist

Rubber Ronny: Here to read your meter...
I was lucky enough to get into Games Workshops oeuvre right at the start of the 90's, a point where things like Hero Quest and Space Crusade were propelling its mainstream popularity to new heights and the resulting creative energy meant everything they came out with seemed to be gold.

But at the same time they were still selling off a lot of their older stuff, the things like Talisman, that were more traditional RPG-related fare, and so tended to get pushed to the periphery in their stores, so you could still pick up things like the Talisman Timescape minis for a reasonable price.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Trash Terrain: Egg-Box Shipping Containers

Gangers ambush a Dalek patrol deep in the Underhive, obviously not knowing what the hell they're getting into...
As I may have mentioned before, I have literally zero money available to spend of terrain for gaming, and so my first recourse is always to dig around in the recycling bin for ideas, and recently I noticed that the large plastic boxes that hold around sixteen eggs or so are rather nicely futuristic in appearance.

Experimentally I stuck one together, primed it and then used some very basic techniques to paint up a sort of prototype, thinking of a sci-fi themed shipping container, and I was so pleased with the results that I pimped it around some FB groups, asking if people would be interested in a tutorial.

They were and so here it is.

Trash Terrain: Modular Compound Walls

A local grandee, flanked by hired bodyguards, watches from the gateway of his private compound as a PDF patrol sweeps the streets in a sho...