Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Far Corfe: Widdershins's Corpse Junkies - Improved Mugshots

Messing with Widdeshins's crew or chewing on a brick - both good ways to lose some teeth...
I've dropped a couple of posts with bad shots of Widdershins's Corpse Junkies in the past, but I actually managed to snap some half-decent ones last night, including some of the newer gang members recently completed and added to the crew as well, and so I decided to do another post to catch up on how the gang's developing.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Far Corfe: Howling Eddie - Gun for Hire, Hair for Hire

Howling Eddie: he's got a big chopper...
Just a quick one today, something to tide me over until I have a more expansive post to make and better pictures to share. But until then, here's Howling Eddie, a minor conversion based on the Orlock gang leader from the original edition of Necromunda.

I was loathe to sell off all of the Orlocks that had been languishing in storage for so long, and so a number of them have already seen conversions of this kind, basically head-swaps and small cosmetic additions in order to free them of the now rather generic look of the old-school gang.

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