Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Far Corfe: Queef's Warband - Sgt Twitters, Dr Calamitous & The Goon Squad

Queef's Goon Squad - Bodyguards, enforcers and all-round shit-kickers
One thing that I love about Rogue Trader and miss in modern 40k is the amount of humour (most often daft and obscure to non-Brits) that ran through the setting, as though its creators never took anything too seriously and always tried to remember that it was actually all about the fun.

That's essentially why the setting for my skirmish games is called "Far Corfe", why I have gangs called "Heapsters" and "The Saggy Bottom Boys", and it's why the disreputable governor of the God-Emperor forsaken port is known as "Queef the Querulous".

Friday, 16 March 2018

Necromunda 3.0: It's a Proxy Party! Part 4: Warmachine

I honestly thought that I'd come to the end of my little series on suggestions for proxies to be used in the new edition of Necromunda, but then I started to see one miniature after another in Privateer Press's Warmachine range that made me instantly want to track them down and paint them.

Khador Battle Mechaniks - can they put their massive tools in your box?

I'd bought some in the past and only recently got round to painting them, but the sight of the Khador Battle Mechaniks above made me instantly add them to the list and start thinking of the hangers-on that have just been introduced in the rules, such as Ammo Jacks.

Trash Terrain: Modular Compound Walls

A local grandee, flanked by hired bodyguards, watches from the gateway of his private compound as a PDF patrol sweeps the streets in a sho...