Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Far Corfe: Battle Report - Clash of the Younglings

Chaos ensues as the Cherry Gang decide that, if they can't have the rocket, no one can!
My kids seem to have developed a fascination for watching me work on the various hobby projects that I have on my desk at any one time, wanting to help out when they can and just see what I'm up to when they can't.

I think it's tapped into my daughter Martha's naturally creative streak, and my son Sam is fascinated by the possibilities of freakish characters rendered in miniature, the weird vehicles that go with them and the possibilities of combining the two with various plastic dinosaurs that lurk around the house.

Trash Terrain: Modular Compound Walls

A local grandee, flanked by hired bodyguards, watches from the gateway of his private compound as a PDF patrol sweeps the streets in a sho...