Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Far Corfe: Bully Boy - Abhuman Mercenary Muscle

Bully Boy - dislikes include jokes about bullshit, horns and massive choppers...
I keep meaning to put more effort into photographing my output, but it's so much easier to sit down and paint or model terrain that I have a massive backlog of stuff that's never seen the light of day online and in this blog.

Guess who's back.
Bully Boy here's a prime example of that - a plastic Warhammer Quest Minotaur that I got it into my head would make a great subject for a conversion after seeing similar efforts made with Trolls, as well as the old and rather obscure Rogue Trader Minotaurs that were released back when 40K was basically WHFB with guns stuck on.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Far Corfe: Tinribs Clau - Freelance Heavy & All-Round Hardcase

Tinribs Clau - willing to do very nasty things at a very reasonable price.
I'm still fairly new to the ever expanding world of small, independent and often one-man-band sculptors that are out there on the internet, and they seem to run the gamut from bloody awful right up to sheer brilliance, and James Sheriff of Brass Monkey Games certainly falls into the latter category in my humble opinion.

Trash Terrain: Modular Compound Walls

A local grandee, flanked by hired bodyguards, watches from the gateway of his private compound as a PDF patrol sweeps the streets in a sho...