Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Far Corfe: "Who rules Bunkertown?!?" - 2018 Year End Round Up

Far Corfe - a rad-scorched wasteland, populated mainly by wastemen...
I haven't really got enough decent pictures to make a proper post for December and the end of 2018, so instead, to capture the true spirit of Far Corfe and its inhabitants, I'm throwing together a collection of odds and ends, featuring stuff that's done and hasn't been photographed very well yet and stuff that's not really finished but still manages to look interesting anyway, all in the hope of getting some attention and convincing people that there might be something worth coming back for in the New Year as well.

Sergeant Grimes - resigned to being called "Grimey"

Sergeant Grimes - broad shoulders and a dirty vest
This is the Marine Sergeant from the Scotia Grendel Urban Wars range, that I managed to pick up in a sale and decided would make a perfect squad leader for my team of ship's crew/armsmen, with their uniform of excessively filthy orange overalls and cargo pants.

Urban War: Female Militia - Front

Left Side


Right Side
From the same range as the Marine Sergeant, this is one of the female militia with small arms that I picked up in the same sale. These are fairly simple minis that are refreshingly quick to paint and make perfect 40K civilians or gang members for post-apocalyptic skirmish games.

Warmachine Sniper - Front

I don't often go for Warmachine minis, as the Steampunk feel can be at odds with other settings. But I picked this guy up for almost nothing and thought that he'd make a pretty decent generic sniper in winter gear. I also like the way the French Mirage Blue worked on his greatcoat in contrast to the lighter colours on the rest of his gear.

Redemptionist with Sword and Tome

Redemptionist with Flail

Redemptionist with Standard and Las Pistol
I'd had some old Ecclesiarchy minis and a couple of the original Redemptionists from first edition Necromunda sitting about for years, as well as a box of Empire Flagellants, and so these seemed to be the logical starting point for a gang - and so "The Enlightened Commune of the Emperor's Holy Tea Service" was born.

No.1 Crater Cottages - we do not answer the door to cold callers, arbites or religious petitioners 
The Block House - tradesman's entrance
Rat Burger - I'm regurgitatin' it
Generic Post-Apocalyptic Bunker #1

On the terrain side of things, I've moved on from papier mache bunkers and been focusing more on nicking ideas from other people's blogs or making buildings from cardboard, with varying results as the pictures above can show you.

I'm hoping to have individual blog posts on most of this stuff in the New Year, but until then, have a nice holiday season and I hope that you find the time to get some painting or modelling in during a quiet moment and that we get to see the results.

Let me know what you think or what you'd like to see in the comments below or on social media.

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